Saturday, 6 May 2017

Benefits Of Using The LG Ductable Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is one of the important electronic items in house, office, computer center, shopping mall, jewelry shop and other places. Today most of the houses are fully functioning air conditioning system and necessity during the summer season. LG Ductable ACDealers in Mumbai offer the various types of the air conditioner such as window air conditioner, tower air conditioner, ductable air conditioner, non-ductable air conditioner and others. Today there are many air condition companies is available and the ashjoehvac have more than ten-year experience. They providing the 24*7 hour services for the critical applications and also maintaining the services in Ductable air conditioner and non-Ductable air conditioner.

Features of the LG air conditioner

Efficient design of the LG air conditioner

The LG brand is known for exclusive and innovation designing and the new air conditioner has excellent features that enhance the comfort level. The weight of the air conditioner is twenty-two kgs. LG Ductable AC Dealers in Mumbai provides the comfort air conditioner to residential and commercial places.

Controls of AC

The control buttons of the air conditioner able to adjust the temperature level of the machine. The direction of the air flow can be regulated with the help of the control button. The external static pressure control allows affecting the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

Cooling speed of AC

The cooling speed is enabled by the option of fast cooling and it allows the air blowing in all direction and quickly spread cooling air in the room. The timer mode in the ductable air conditioner allows the user to set the pre-set time in the AC according to the pre-set time the AC will turn On and OFF. LG Ductable AC Dealers in Mumbai has hundred percent mobile services with the necessary tools. 

Capacity of ductable air conditioner 

The capacity of the ductable air conditioner is 1.5 Tons to 8 Tons and it has a jet cool facility. The jet cool facility helps to cool the home at the lower temperature. The feature of the auto air swing ensures that each corner of the room is cooled.

Advantages of the LG Ductable air conditioner 

The ductable air conditioner has some advantages and this type of AC is highly recommended for the larger homes. This air conditioner is discreet and the duct is in a roof and blends well with a ceiling. The control panel of a ductable air conditioner is a flat panel and it allows the reverse air conditioning cycle. You can easily heat and cool your home and also set the temperature zone in the home. The ductable air conditioner is manufactured using the high-quality raw material. The raw materials are quality tested in order to confirm that these materials are accordance to international standard. LG Ductable AC Dealers in Mumbai provides the best services at the affordable price. The other features of the ductable air conditioner are the low noise level, auto restart, power saving mode, inverter AC and much more.

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